Digital Publishing 101: How to Publish a Book and Market Books Online

We'll help you publish and market your books online

100 FREE lessons show how to publish a book and market books online

iPad and handOur FREE digital publishing courses show you how to publish ebooks and how to market any book online.  

Clear explanations, step-by-step instructions, demonstration videos, and hands-on projects ensure you can put what you've learned into practice.

Do all 100 lessons or just what you need — any time, from anywhere, using a PC, Mac, tablet or even a smartphone.

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Get an expert publisher to help: Self-publishing a book made super-easy


Publishing a book is a big project with many pieces to assemble. Our guided self-publishing service gives you all the benefits of having a publisher without giving up control, ownership or a cent of your income.

You'll work with an internationally-experienced publisher every step of the way to publish without the hassles, headaches and mistakes of going it completely alone. And you'll learn a lot in the process.

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Online course: Digital Publishing 101

Digital Publishing 101 logoIt's everything you need to successfully publish ebooks. This online course covers all of the foundations, taking you step-by-step through the process of preparing, producing and selling ebooks.

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Online course: Digital Marketing 101

Digital Marketing 101By the time you finish this online course, you'll not only understand how to market ebooks, you'll have created a complete digital marketing platform to promote your own books and ebooks online. 

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