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Learn how to publish ebooks and market books online

For publishers today, digital change is constant. Keeping up is vital but it’s also time-consuming and complex.

Sometimes, you just wish someone would quickly explain what you need to know, then give you the tools to plan, and put it into action.

Welcome to Digital Publishing 101.

Online course: Digital Publishing 101 for Ebooks

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For professionals or expanding indie publishers, it’s everything you need to successfully publish ebooks.

This online course covers all of the foundations, taking you step-by-step through the process of preparing, producing and selling ebooks.

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Online course: Digital Marketing 101 for Ebooks

Digital Marketing 101Online marketing is the new battleground for publishing success today. The tools and techniques to reach and influence them are quite different from the traditional methods.

By the time you finish this online course, you’ll not only understand how to market ebooks, you’ll have created a complete digital marketing platform to promote your own books and ebooks online. 

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Learn online at your own pace

Hand on iPadThese digital publishing courses offer self-paced online training with extensive, practical references, demonstration videos, and hands-on projects that ensure you can put what you’ve learned into practice.

Access them at any time, from anywhere with an internet connection, using a PC, Mac, tablet or even a smartphone.

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Follow the whole program or just the pieces you need


You’ll find dozens of mini-guides on every piece of the puzzle. They’ll explain what you need to know in plain language, and point you to practical, hand-picked references and essential resources.

  • Use it to plan your digital business and guide its implementation
  • Follow it step-by-step from start to finish …
  • Or just pick out the pieces you need right now

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