PROJECT: Convert a marked-up manuscript to an ebook

In this project, we’ll take the marked-up document you prepared in the previous module and convert it into an ebook in the EPUB format.
Pages from our project ebook

Pages from our finished ebook. Click to enlarge.

For this project, we will use the free online conversion service provided by

  • Part 1. We’ll convert the manuscript to an ebook.
  • Part 2. We’ll download and review our ebook.

As you’ll see, most of the work was done in the preparation phase. If you’ve done a good job of marking up your manuscript, the actual conversion process should be quick and straight-forward.


We’ve created tutorials to take you through each step. You’ll need about an hour.

Some preparatory items:

  • Make sure you’ve completed the earlier project: Prepare a manuscript for conversion to an ebook. (We’ve provided a sample document you can use in this project, in case you haven’t finished the earlier assignment.)
  • We suggest that you keep these instructions open to refer to, or use the links at the bottom of this page to print them, create a PDF of them, or send them to your Kindle or Kindle app.
  • The package of example files from the earlier mark-up project includes a dummy cover image and a partly marked-up manuscript file. You can use these files to produce an ebook if you haven’t completed the earlier project. You can use your own files if you prefer.


01_orange_rndPart 1. Convert your marked-up manuscript to an EPUB ebook


ePub logoWe will create a free account with an online conversion service and use this to convert our marked-up manuscript to an ebook in the EPUB format.


Here’s an outline of what you’ll be doing. The detailed steps are in the accordion sections (click to open them).

  1. Go to the and sign up for a free account.
  2. Upload your marked-up manuscript to the Lulu ebook converter.
  3. Produce a simple cover and create the ebook.
  4. That’s it. You’ll have an ebook ready to download and read.


  • STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS: This will take you through ebook conversion process.
INSTRUCTIONS: Converting a manuscript to an EPUB ebook

Part 2. Review your ebook


Hand on iPadDownload your ebook for review, using either a computer or a mobile device to read it.


  1. Get, or install, an ebook reader or app (not a Kindle).
  2. Download the ebook to your ebook reader.
  3. Review the ebook.


  • INSTRUCTIONS: We’ll show you some common ways to load your ebook into an ebook reading device.
INSTRUCTIONS: How to read your EPUB ebook

That’s it. You’re done! You’re now an ebook publisher.



Find out more about this topic on our Digital Publishing 101 useful resources site.


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