Facebook Analytics: 3 Killer Metrics To Calculate Using Data From Facebook Insights

As more and more marketing takes place on Facebook, it’s important to master measuring results on the platform, and one of the most important tools for doing so is on the site itself and available for export — Facebook Insights.

Facebook Insights is a useful analytics tool that can help social media marketers create better experiences on brand pages and improve business results.  Many of the metrics provided by Insights are readily available right on your Facebook page (simply click on the “See All” Insights link featured prominently on the Admin panel of the brand timeline page).  For example, the “People Talking About” metric tells you how many people have liked, commented on, or shared your posts, or responded to a question or event.

More comprehensive data and metrics are available through the Insights API.  Much of the API data can be easily accessed by simply clicking on the “Export” button at the top right of the Overview screen in Insights.

By exporting this data, you can access an additional 50+ metrics that are not visible in the Insights interface.  One example:  Page StoryTellers by City is the unique number of people who created a story (a like, a comment, a share, etc.) segmented by city.

Once you have exported this very substantial pool of data, you can use it to calculate even more metrics that will help you optimize the performance of your Facebook marketing program.  Here are three examples:

Facebook’s EdgeRank, in a nutshell

If you’ve not come across EdgeRank before, I wanted to give a quick round-up of what it is, why you should care about it and some tips on how you can influence it. These tips apply just as much to marketers and Facebook page owners as they do to individual users. So whether you want to get your Facebook brand updates seen by more people, or just wonder why some of your personal status updates get more replies than others, here’s a quick intro:

What is EdgeRank?

Just like the search engines we all know and love, Facebook utilise a number of algorithms as part of their system for sharing information. EdgeRank is the algorithm which determines who sees what, basically – it determines what social “objects” (i.e. updates, posts, photos, actions etc) you will see in your Facebook news feed.