SEO for books: Search and the keys to discoverability

SEO for books and ebooks is the key to ‘discoverability’ — making sure online searchers can find them. A technique borrowed from the web, search engine optimization (SEO), is arguably the single most important skill to acquire to sell books online. We’ll look at how to address this problem by applying  SEO to books and ebooks. (more…)

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Conversion Workflow

How to work with ebook conversion services

The surge in digitisation of publisher backlists has spawned an industry, much of it based in India, which specialises in converting printed books into ebooks. In this tutorial, we’ll look at what you need to supply to a conversion service, how they convert a book, the outputs, typical costs, and things to consider when working […]

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Using Facebook to market ebooks: How it works, how to get started

With almost a billion users, Facebook is likely to be part of your marketing mix, especially if your books are aimed at the general reading public. But Facebook isn’t just big in numbers. It offers a large and often confusing range of features and applications to help marketers reach its huge reach audience. In this […]

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Tune your website for digital marketing

In spite of the hype surrounding social media, a website remains the central hub for most digital marketing. But its effectiveness depends on it being properly set up for this purpose. Often it’s not. So here are a few ways to make your website more effective as a marketing tool. Anyone can access it, it’s visible […]

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Digital rights management

What is DRM (digital rights management)?

A discussion of ebooks wouldn’t be complete without considering DRM — or Digital Rights Management. This is a so-called technical protection mechanism that uses special computer code to stop users from copying or changing an ebook. Publishers and authors insist on it while readers often hate it. (more…)

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