About Digital Publishing 101

About the Course Developer

Digital Publishing 101 is created & tutored by Martin Taylor, Publisher, Writer, and Technologist

Martin Taylor

“I designed this program because I know how hard it can be for publishers and publishing professionals to navigate this digital change, often with little support, while still doing their ‘day jobs’ and keeping the wheels on the existing business.” — Martin Taylor, program developer

Over the years, Martin has worked with hundreds of publishers around the world facing the challenge of major digital change in their business.

Martin has lived through the digital paradigm shift – earlier, and for longer, than most because most of his career has been spent writing and publishing about technology for experts and early adopters at the forefront of digital change.

About Digital Publishing 101

You’ll find two things here that will make your publishing journey more successful and a whole lot easier.

Training: A complete, FREE online publishing course
Learn everything you need to publish a book. With close to 100 individual lessons, it explains step-by-step what you need to publish and market your books online. Yes, that’s a lot of detail but there’s a lot more to publishing a book than uploading a manuscript to an ebook conversion service. This is the complete textbook of digital publishing and marketing for books. Check it out here.
Publishing help: A customized, one-to-one self-publishing service
Get personal help to publish if you need it. It’s led by course developer Martin Taylor and offers all the benefits of having your own publisher — without having to hand over ownership, income or control of your books. We use the new publishing methods designed to take advantage of today’s online-driven market for print and ebooks. It’s self-publishing without the stress and hassles of going it alone. Check it out here.
Please feel free to contact us to learn more about how we can help you to get published.

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