PROJECT: Create a digital marketing plan

PROJECT: Create a digital marketing plan using our Planner template
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Now it’s time to pull together everything you’ve learned so far. In this Project, you’re going to create a digital marketing plan for an ebook campaign.
  • Thinking of a recent, or forthcoming ebook, develop a comprehensive digital marketing plan for it.
  • Use the handy Digital Marketing Planner Template worksheet to develop your digital marketing plan.
  • Review our digital campaign checklist for some inspiration and ideas to help you get started.

Download the Planner template and worksheet

Before you get started, download the Digital Marketing Planner template and worksheet from the link below. The template and worksheet can be easily edited in Microsoft Word, Open Office and other word processors.

Download the Digital Marketing Planner and Template
Download the Digital Marketing Planner and Template in .docx format. It can be edited in any word processor.

Seven steps to a digital marketing plan

Now, here’s a quick run-down of the seven parts that make up the plan. The Planner provides a little more detail and includes examples for each section — and feel free to refer back to the relevant topics in Digital Marketing 101 for Ebooks for more detail. (This link will open the course home page with the full topic listing. We suggest you keep it open in a separate window for easy reference.)

Let’s get started!

Step #1. Set overall campaign goals

In this section, you:

  1. Set your one or two most important overall campaign objectives
  2. Highlight key dates
  3. Set the budget

Step #2. Develop the digital platform: Find and connect to key influencers

In this section, you’ll identify:

  1. The target audience for this campaign
  2. How you will reach or connect to them

Step #3. Write down the MAJOR promotional components of the campaign

Identify only the most important promotions here. You’ll refine them later, and work out the detailed steps needed to deliver them, when you create individual plans for each of the digital tools you’ll use.

  1. Pre-launch/beta testing phase
  2. Launch phase
  3. Online bookstore marketing and merchandising
  4. Post-launch/maintenance phase

Step #4. Make the publications discoverable

The goal here is to ensure that the publications or authors you’re promoting in the campaign will stand out when potential buyers are searching or browsing online.

  1. Which keywords will you target and how will you identify them?
  2. Which elements of the book itself can you adapt to improve discoverability?
  3. What enhanced metadata will you provide?
  4. What is your SEO (search engine optimization) plan?

Step #5. Set key metrics and analytics

In this section, you set targets and specify how you will measure them.

  1. What will you measure?
  2. How will you measure it?
  3. What is/are your specific, measurable campaign target(s)?

Step #6. Identify the digital marketing tools required

List them here, then use the separate planning pages — one for each tool used— to plan what each will do.

Step #7. Identify and plan other resources

Finally, cover off and plan any other resources that you might need.

You’re done!


Digital Marketing Planner template and workbook

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