Facebook basics: Setting up a Page

Let’s now get started with Facebook’s most important tool for marketers: the Facebook Page. While it’s similar in many ways to a personal Profile, Facebook has added many features that make it much more useful for marketers.

Getting started with a Facebook Business Page

Facebook signup

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Let’s get right down to business. Setting up a Page (also known as a Business Page) is easy. Here’s how (or follow the video below).

  1. Go to Facebook.com
  2. Click on the Create a Page link at the bottom of the Sign Up form on the Facebook home page
  3. Facebook offers six page types. Pick one and add the details. Good options are likely to be Company (publisher), Artist, Band, or Public Figure (author), or Entertainment (book, book shop or fictional character).
  4. Follow the steps. You can skip the set-up steps and do them later when you customize your Page.

Note: Until recently, Facebook insisted that you must have a personal Profile before you could create a business Page. That rule has changed and you can now create a Page for your business without first signing up for a personal account. Facebook will create a business account for you as part of creating a Page when you select ‘I do not have a Facebook account‘.

[Update: Facebook has changed its approach again. In place of a business account, I’d suggest you set up another personal Profile account using a different email address. You can skip most of the questions requesting personal information. Depending on your needs, you might also consider (perhaps later) setting up a Business Manager account which will give you more Page management options.]


Tip. If you have a personal account and you want to use this to own your business Page, you can click on the Create a Page link or button which you’ll see when you’re logged into your Profile, then follow the steps. This approach makes sense for an author or small business but is not recommended for a corporate user. You can add other Facebook users as admins so you don’t have to share your login. You can also remove admins, including the original page owner if the Page is later sold or transferred.

VIDEO: Creating up a Facebook Business Page  (5:37)

This video screencast shows you how to create a Facebook Page using a Facebook business account. It also offers a few tips on initial admin settings for your Page. A later video screencast will show you how to customize your Page.


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