PROJECT: Build your own Facebook Page

PROJECT: Build a Facebook Page
In this project, you’re going to create and customize a Facebook Page, for your own business or for a fictitious one. (You can later adapt it to a real use.) So turn off all those distractions, give yourself an hour or two of clear time, and we’ll set to work.
  • In Part 1, we’ll create a new Facebook Page
  • In Part 2, we’ll customize and personalize the Page for our business

Demo Facebook PagePart 1: Create a Facebook Page


Create a new Facebook Business Page using either your personal Facebook user account or a new business user account. Set the Page’s visibility to admin users only, and optionally add another Facebook user as a Page admin.


  1. Go to, click the Create a page link and follow the steps to set up a Page.
  2. Select a Page type from the six options presented and choose a name.
  3. Create the Page using a business user account or your personal Facebook Profile account.
  4. Once the Page is created, go to the Settings, change the Page visibility and (optionally) add other Facebook users as admins.


  • Here’s the topic in which we covered this: Facebook Basics: Create a Page (This topic page will open in a new window or tab so you can keep this project page open)
  • VIDEO: This video will take you step-by-step through setting up a Page and changing admin settings
VIDEO: How to Create a Facebook Page and a Business Profile (5:27)

Part 2: Customize our Facebook Page


Customize our new Facebook Page by adding cover and profile images, post some content to the timeline, and highlight some important posts.


  1. Add a cover image to our Page
  2. Add a profile picture
  3. Use the sharing tool to post several types of content to the timeline
  4. Choose some posts to highlight and use Facebook’s timeline highlighting
  5. Add a couple of milestones


VIDEO: Customizing a Facebook Page (7:34)


Exercise complete

Congratulations! You’ve set up a Facebook Business Page which, if you wish, you can adapt and use for your own marketing. If you don’t want to keep it, you can delete the Page in the admin settings.

Tip: You can apply for a short, friendly Facebook Page name, eg instead of the complex name Facebook creates when you first sign up. You must generally get 25 fans before you can do this. Apply at


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