Yellow starCongratulations! You’ve completed the Social Networks module. Whew! You must be feeling full of knowledge. We’ve done a quick recap below of what you’ve learned so far. When you’re ready, move on to the next module where we will examine online advertising .

What you’ve learned

  • How social networks work, and how marketers can tap into them
  • Which social networks are most useful for book marketing
  • How reading communities are becoming increasingly important
  • How to use Facebook for marketing
  • How to set up and customize a Facebook Page
  • Techniques to engage fans and promote Facebook Pages
  • How successful publishers, authors and booksellers use Facebook
  • How to measure and analyze Facebook Pages
  • How to set up and use Twitter for book marketing
  • Twitter techniques used by successful publishers
  • How to use LinkedIn and LinkedIn Groups for business marketing
  • Using social media dashboards to manage and track multiple social media channels


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