Congratulations! You’ve completed the Email and Online Advertising module — and you’ve now mastered all of the key tools you need to be a great digital marketer! We’ve done a quick recap below of what you’ve learned so far. When you’re ready, move on to the next module where we will look at how you can turn online bookstore browsers into buyers of your titles.

What you’ve learned

  • The importance of email to digital marketing
  • Techniques to build email marketing lists
  • How to manage email marketing lists
  • Types of online advertising and how they work
  • How paid search and pay-per-click advertising works and what it costs
  • How to work out the profitability of an online ad campaign
  • How online display advertising works and compares to PPC advertising
  • How to buy online advertising
  • How to analyze and measure its effectiveness
  • Where and what types of advertising run on social media
  • How advertising works on Facebook
  • How to buy and analyze a Facebook advertising campaign
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