Converting ebookstore browsers into buyers

We’re going to look now at how we can turn visitors browsing ebookstores into buyers of our titles. We’ll start by examining how the world’s biggest ebookstore, Amazon, works. Along the way, we’ll show you what you can do to influence what happens on Amazon’s site so you can improve your own ebooks’ sales.

Most of the techniques we’ve looked at so far aim to find prospective readers and create demand among them for your ebooks. Another important tactic is to convert undecided ebookstore browsers into buyers of your ebooks.

If you want to hone your skills marketing to ebookseller customers, the best place to start is with Amazon as the following research confirms:

Aptara survey - Source-of-ebook-sales-2012

Note that the specific shares differ quite a bit from market to market. In general, the dominance of Amazon is widespread. And in many international (non-US) markets, Kobo has a stronger position than these US-focused figures indicate.

As well as being the biggest by far, Amazon currently offers the best marketing tools for publishers and authors, and provides a wealth of feedback on how your efforts are performing.

This is a rapidly evolving field and it’s likely that we’ll see Amazon’s competitors lifting their games in helping publishers and authors to market their books on their sites.


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