EXERCISE: Analyze and compare ebookseller sites

We’ll look at some examples of the book pages on Amazon and competing ebookseller sites to see how they’re constructed and which elements they use to sell to buyers.

EXERCISE: Analyze and compare book pages
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Analyze and compare book pages for the same title on two ebookseller sites, Amazon and a competitor.


1. Open a pair of links (right) in your web browser.
2. Analyze and compare each feature of the page:
  • Which features are present?
  • How effective are they?
3. Look for the following features as a starting point:
  • Ratings
  • Bestseller rankings
  • Category links
  • Previews
  • Sample downloads
  • Reviews – user
  • Reviews – editorial, other
  • Book description
  • Author description
  • Other author information
  • Recommendations (itemize methods or algorithms used, eg related by author or category, other shoppers, featured titles, browsing history, etc)
  • Any other features?
4. How did the overall buyer experience compare?


5. Where can publisher/author input improve the page?


Links to book page examples

Cover: A Wanted Man by Lee Child

Links will open in a new browser window or tab.

Amazon and Kobo

Amazon and Nook

Amazon and Waterstones (UK)




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