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This free course will give you the solid understanding you need to pick the right digital path to take, and to plan and manage online campaigns. Once you complete this course, you’ll actually have key applications including a website, blog, Facebook business page and email marketing system, plus the expert knowledge and examples to use them to sell books and ebooks.

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What’s in the course

Why this course will help you — even if you’re an experienced book marketer

Until recently, effective book marketing meant arranging for your titles to be prominently displayed in bookstores.  You built relationships with those responsible for reviews in newspapers and magazines. Authors made themselves available for tours and for book signings.  Careful negotiation helped your books to achieve good positions in retailers’ catalogues.

With ebooks, and even print books where they’re not physically available, the rules have changed.

  • Bookstores are virtual, and carrying millions upon millions of titles – how do you achieve prominent positioning in this environment, where Google can deliver interested prospects directly to anywhere within a website?
  • Anyone can be a reviewer – and prospective ebook buyers give at least as much weight (and sometimes more) to reviews by informed consumers as they do to those by professional reviewers
  • How can authors “tour” the virtual world? How can they “sign” ebooks?

Everywhere, publishers are facing the need to change their marketing and selling to stay relevant in this digital world. Digital Marketing 101 for Ebooks shows you how— and it shows you how to take advantage of all the free opportunities now open to publishers and authors.

The program explains the jargon, introduces the key concepts, tools, and techniques, and gives you step-by-step instructions to set up and use each element.

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