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How to use metadata to sell ebooksYou’ll hear the term metadata a lot in book marketing. It used to be referred …2013/05/03Publishing Tutorials2013-05-03 22:36:48
SEO for books: Search and the keys to discoverabilitySEO for books and ebooks is the key to ‘discoverability’ — making sure online searchers …2012/10/04Publishing Tutorials2012-10-04 01:53:20
How to work with ebook conversion servicesThe surge in digitisation of publisher backlists has spawned an industry, much of it based …2012/10/02Publishing Tutorials2012-10-02 11:31:39
Using Facebook to market ebooks: How it works, how to get startedWith almost a billion users, Facebook is likely to be part of your marketing mix, …2012/10/02Publishing Tutorials2012-10-02 08:08:02
Tune your website for digital marketingIn spite of the hype surrounding social media, a website remains the central hub for …2012/10/02Publishing Tutorials2012-10-02 07:40:42
How to produce illustrated, multimedia ebooksThe original Kindle and EPUB formats have shortcomings when it comes to dealing with complex …2012/09/30Publishing Tutorials2012-09-30 08:06:48
What is DRM (digital rights management)?A discussion of ebooks wouldn’t be complete without considering DRM — or Digital Rights Management. This …2012/09/28Publishing Tutorials2012-09-28 08:57:56
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