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Martin Taylor

Personal one-on-one consultations

Sometimes a quick chat is all you need to get you over a hurdle that’s stalling your publishing project. Digital Publishing 101 course developer Martin Taylor is available for one-on-one consultations via Skype or phone at a convenient time to suit you.

How I can help

Take a look at the courses I’ve written (or sample some of the links to the right from the publishing and marketing courses). Or review my extensive international experience in digital publishing and online marketing to see if it’s relevant to your project.

I’m confident that I can save you hours or days of research, offer high value tips and advice, and reduce your chances of heading down the wrong path with your project.

Get in touch to see if I can help

Send me a quick, no-obligation email briefly explaining what problem you’d like solved or issue discussed.

I’ll let you know if I can help you and if you want to proceed, we’ll arrange a suitable time to speak by phone or Skype. Email

How much will it cost?

I have a standard fee of US$149  for an online or phone consultation. This allows up to an hour for us to talk online or by phone, and one hour for initial background review and a follow-up email in which I summarize the main points, recommendations and next steps (if any) that you might want to take.

My 100%, no questions asked, money-back guarantee if I don’t deliver

You’re trusting me to know my subject and give you good, practical assistance. So I’ll trust you to know whether I’ve done that, and to fairly and honestly rate and compensate me. If I haven’t delivered, tell me and you won’t be charged and you’ll owe me nothing — no questions asked.

What happens if we run over time?

The fee includes up to two hours which is enough to cover contingencies and to provide some time for prior review and brief follow-up work. If additional work is required, it will be separately quoted and nothing will go ahead without your agreement. And if I haven’t delivered value in the initial consultation, see the above guarantee.


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