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Publish books and ebooks with our help

Publishing a book is a big project. There are scores of things you have to decide and do. (Just take a look at the 100 or so lessons in our courses to see what we mean.)

So if you have enough on your plate already — or don’t feel like learning from mistakes at your own book’s expense — our premium self-publishing service could be for you. It pairs you with an internationally-experienced publishing expert to help you publish without the hassles, headaches and mistakes of going it completely alone.

    • We manage your publishing project to make sure the whole job is done, from start to finish
    • We make sure you pick the right strategy among the many for your particular book (this is your single biggest decision)
    • We take care of all the frustrating, complex technical bits
    • You retain 100% ownership, have full control and keep all income.

It gives you all the benefits of having a publisher without losing control, ownership or a cent of your income.

What you get

Like the publishing process itself, our service covers much more than just book layout or ebook conversion (though we do that too — you’ll get Kindle and EPUB ebook editions and, if you want, a printed edition made available worldwide.)

Here are some typical things we do.

  1. Initial consultation (by phone/Skype/email/in person)
  2. Publishing and promotion plans, checklists and budgets
  3. Project management
  4. Technical advice and support throughout the project
  5. Review of digital rights and copyright requirements
  6. Review of suppliers and quotations (e.g. editing, proof reading, cover design, etc)
  7. Editing and proofreading, as required
  8. Ebook formatting and conversion (EPUB and Kindle)
  9. Design and layout of print edition, as required
  10. Prepare ebook front matter and back matter
  11. Set up online distribution for Kindle and EPUB ebooks
  12. Modify and upload print files and set up distribution for optional Print-on-Demand edition
  13. Set up accounts, royalty payments, author profile
  14. Pricing and metadata strategy and set-up
  15. Optimize book for online discoverability

In short, we’ll do pretty much everything. And unlike many services for self-publishers, you retain 100% ownership, income and control.

What are the options?


Ebook editions

This covers publishing your book from a manuscript or printed edition in both Kindle and EPUB formats.



Ebook and Print editions

This gives you both the ebook editions (as above) and a printed edition which you can sell globally using print-on-demand (POD).



Customized program

If our standard program doesn’t quite fit, contact us to discuss how we can best work with you, or book a one-on-one consultation by Skype or phone.

Frequently asked questions

Check out our frequently asked questions or contact us. Let us know what project you have in mind and we’ll be happy to explain how we can tailor-make a publishing program for you.

How long will it take to publish my book?

This will depend on how far advanced you are with it. It’s best to allow at least two months, 3-6 months is more typical. If you have a specific publication date you’re aiming for, contact us and we’ll give you a more accurate timeline.

How much do I have to do?

As little or as much as you choose. If you’d rather not be  hands-on, that’s fine. We’ll take the hassle out of it, sending you just what you need to check and approve. On the other hand, if you want to use this as a learning opportunity, we’ll work alongside you, pointing you in the right direction, and helping you over tricky and technical parts. Plus, you’ll have the entire Digital Publishing 101 course at your disposal.

How much does it cost and what's included?

If your manuscript is ready for publication, mostly text with a cover image, and you only plan an ebook edition initially, there will often be no extra costs to get published on Amazon and other key online bookstores. Prices start from US$1890 for our Amazon Kickstarter program and US$2890 for our print+expanded ebook program.

However, there will often be some costs to get it to this stage. Every book is different, especially in editing and production requirements. These vary widely and are a minefield for the inexperienced. They can range from a couple of hundred dollars to more than a thousand dollars, depending on a range of factors such as word count, number of illustrations, quality of cover, and level of editing required.

What is Print-on-Demand (POD)?

“Print-on-demand” refers to a printing system that lets you economically order books as you need them, as few as one at a time, rather than having to print hundreds or thousands. It’s the system we recommend in most cases for the print editions we produce.

This allows you to produce a bookshop-quality printed edition which can be easily sold online to readers anywhere in the world. You can also order copies to sell from your website, for events, book signings, etc. And we can extend coverage to allow wholesale supply to bookshops or libraries around the world.

Because printed editions have very different layout requirements from ebooks, there are extra costs associated with the cover and text sections of your book. The word count and number of illustrations, if any, will also have an impact on cost. If you already have a printed edition, it should be straightforward to adjust your existing book layout for POD.

What are the specific advantages and benefits of your approach?

Our approach combines best elements from each of the options open to self-publishers while avoiding the pitfalls. You get a ‘make it simple’ approach using the best-matched suppliers, while you retain full control and learn best practices.

Our service is not aligned to specific suppliers. It starts with a plan based on your own publishing goals, then recommends the best route to publication and the most economical way to achieve it. It helps you buy just the services you need (and avoid what you don’t need), lets you save money by doing parts you’re comfortable with, and plugs any gaps to make sure the whole job is done, from production to publication.

Here are some of the specific ways our self-publishing service is different from these publishing options.

  • An experienced publisher works alongside you (one who literally wrote the course on digital publishing and online marketing)
  • We do the whole job, no frustrating gaps for you to figure out. There are many good services that let you upload a manuscript but there’s a lot more to publishing a book than this
  • It’s completely transparent—you spend just what you need to (and decide exactly who to hire and where every dollar goes)
  • You can save money by doing parts you’re comfortable with
  • We’ll work out the best, most effective and economical publishing strategy for your title
  • You get coordination—publishing projects can involve several people with many competing deadlines, so it gets complicated and things can fall through the cracks
  • You save hours of research and effort (and lots of mistakes)
  • You’re as hands-on as you want to be, or not (and you can offload the technical stuff)
  • You can learn a lot (how professional publishers do things)
  • Your book gets its very best chance of success because you do things right
  • You own and control your book 100%

Contact us today and we’ll guide you on your way to digital publishing success.



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